Pakistan’s Deploy Group Makes First Bold Stride in International Mobile Phone Market. (Pro Pakistani)

Pakistan’s Deploy Group Makes First Bold Stride in International Mobile Phone Market. (Pro Pakistani)

Deploy Group, a powerhouse in Pakistan’s mobile industry, is making waves internationally with its own brand of mobile phones and accessories. The company is proud of its Sparx smartphones, Xmobile feature phones, and Xcess smart gadgets, which are now stepping beyond Pakistan and into the hands of customers around the world.

Nigeria Welcomes Pakistani Mobile Innovation

This big news comes as Deploy Group secures its first order from Nigeria, a sign that the world is ready for Pakistan’s homegrown technology. With plans to ship these products by the end of November, the company is getting help from the government to make it happen.

Cheering Pakistan’s Tech Breakthrough

“It’s a huge win,” says Asif Khan, the Chairman of Deploy Group.

He added: “Sending our own Pakistani mobiles to Nigeria starts a new chapter for us and our country in the international tech scene.”

Zeeshan Qureshi, the CEO, said I am proud of what we’ve achieved and excited for the future that lies ahead.

He went on saying: “Our entry into the Nigerian market is not merely about exporting products; it is about affirming the innovative spirit and quality that Pakistani technology has to offer.

Naveed Rangeela, the Managing Director, adds, “Our Pakistani brand getting worldwide attention is a dream come true. It’s a reward for all our hard work, and it’s just the beginning.”

At Gitex 2023, one of the biggest tech shows in the world, Deploy Group was the first and only Pakistani mobile phone company with its own proprietary brands on display. This was a big step to show off what Pakistan can do in tech and to push the company’s global plans.

The company was a hit at the show, proving that there’s a big interest in what Pakistan can offer. The decision to be part of Gitex was all about making a name for Pakistani mobiles everywhere and opening doors to sell them across the world.