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Explore the Sparx Edge 20 pro - 5 reasons to buy

best mobile phone in 2024 in pakistan

Edge phones:

With its stylish Edge phones 20 Pro model, Sparx Mobile continues to push the envelope of innovation in the rapidly changing field of mobile technology. With its modern features, curved aspect screen, and glossy style, the Edge 20 Pro redefines what it means to be a top-tier smartphone owner.
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Sparx Mobile New Model:

The Sparx mobile new model range of cutting-edge smartphones is the Edge 20 Pro. The Edge 20 Pro is a sophisticated and elegant device with a sleek and stylish appearance. The Edge 20 Pro is a true powerhouse because of its many useful features and cutting-edge technical know-how; it is no longer just about looks.

Latest Mobile Phones in Pakistan:

The Edge 20 Pro, one of the latest mobile phones in Pakistan, is distinguished by its excellent performance and cutting-edge features. The Edge 20 Pro's curved aspect screen offers a unique and immersive viewing experience. You will be left in awe of the stunning sights and clear, sharp pictures that the Edge 20 Pro gives, whether you are watching movies, playing games, or browsing the web.

Phones with curved edge screen:

The Edge 20 Pro presents every style and feature in a seamless format thanks to its curved side screen. Its smooth fusion of body and display gives users an immersive experience. It's easy to navigate through applications and content with their vibrant colours and sharp quality. In terms of smartphone use and design, phones with curved edge screens and the Edge 20 Pro devices are new and widely used. 

best Sparx curved display phone in pakistan

Best Curved Display Phones:

In recent years, phones featuring curved edge screens have become more and more popular, and for good reason. Not only do they have a sleek and fashionable appearance, but they also provide a host of practical advantages. The best curved display phone Edge 20 Pro makes for a more immersive viewing experience by enabling you to see more of your content without having to zoom or scroll. 

best curved display phone Sparx Edge 20 Pro

Best Mobile Phone in 2024:

The Edge 20 Pro is anticipated to be the best mobile phone in 2024 and beyond as we look to the future. The Edge 20 Pro raises the bar for excellence in the smartphone industry with its cutting-edge features and components.

Best Android Mobile in Pakistan:

Sparx Mobile, the delightful mobile phone company in Pakistan, is well-known for its fantastic Android handsets. This also applies to the Edge 20 Pro, which offers a flawless user experience along with a wide range of features that make it the best Android mobile in Pakistan.

Best curved display phones:

The Edge 20 Pro stands out as a top competitor in the market because of its best-curved display phone. With its streamlined design, functionality and aesthetics are flawlessly combined to provide viewers with an immersive watching experience.

New Latest Mobile Phone:

Sparx Mobile is raising the standard for cell technology with each successive iteration. The Edge 20 Pro is the latest mobile phone of Sparx Mobile's commitment to quality and innovation. The Edge 20 Pro, with its curved screen, efficient performance, and elegant design, is a true testament to Sparx Mobile's commitment to giving customers the best possible smartphone experience.

latest Sparx mobile phone in pakistan

Best mobile phone company in Pakistan:

One of the best mobile phone companies in Pakistan, Sparx offers the Edge 20 Pro as their flagship device. This company, which is well-known for its inventiveness and dependability, consistently leads the industry with its cutting-edge technologies.

Experience Edge 20 pro Features: Explore the All-New Mobile Advancements

  • Colours and price:

Sparkling Blue and Twilight Black are the two lovely hues of this glossy machine, which is available at an enticing bargain price of Rs. 57,499.00. The Sparkling Blue option adds a sparkling touch to your design, while the Twilight Black variety radiates refinement.

  • Helite G99 MediaTek:

The powerful MediaTek Helio G99 CPU is the brains behind the Edge 20 Pro. The Helio G99 guarantees lightning-fast speeds and lag-free gaming and streaming experiences since it is designed for effortless multitasking and easy performance.

  • Superior Clarity Audio Enhancement:

With the Edge 20 Pro's High Fidelity Sound Enhancement technology, your audio experience will be elevated. Rich, immersive sound quality with crystal-clear audio is what you will enjoy whether you are gaming, watching movies, or listening to music.

  • Fingerprint Scanning Technology In-Display:

With the Edge 20 Pro's In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology, you can wave goodbye to bulky fingerprint sensors. For a smooth user experience, you may safely and conveniently unlock your system with a single touch.

  • 8GB RAM Expandable to 16GB:

The Edge 20 Pro's 8GB of RAM makes multitasking and overall performance simple. Additionally, you could have ample storage space for all of your images, movies, and apps with up to 16GB of expandable memory.

  • Memory:

256GB UFS 2.2: With the huge 256GB of UFS 2.2 memory on the Edge 20 Pro, you can easily save all of your memories and media. Take advantage of lightning-fast record-switching rates and quick access to your applications and archives.

  • 6.67" 3D Curve Display with AMOLED FHD+:

With the 6.67-inch AMOLED FHD+ 3D Curve Display on the Edge 20 Pro, you can fully immerse yourself in appealing images. A curved aspect screen, vivid colours, and crisp details bring every image and movie to life with amazing clarity and brilliance.

  • Screen Refresh Rate: 120Hz

Enjoy faster gameplay, less movement blur, and smoother scrolling thanks to the Edge 20 Pro's 120Hz display screen refresh rate. Savour a smooth, responsive touch journey that improves with a single exchange.

best 120hz mobile phone in Pakistan
  • 16 Megapixels for Selfies:

With the Edge 20 Pro's 16MP front-facing camera, you can take incredible selfies. You may always seem amazing in every picture with the help of outstanding features like brilliance and portrait modes.

best punch hole camera mobile in paksitan
108MP Rear Camera with 120FPS Slow Motion and 60FPS Recording Features:
The 108MP lower rear camera on the Edge 20 Pro will let you explore your creative side. With the Edge 20 Pro, you can capture every moment with striking detail and clarity, whether it's through high-resolution photos, stunning 60-frames-per-second videos, or slow-motion 120 frames-per-second recordings.
  • Support for Wide and Macro Camera Lenses:

Discover fresh perspectives with the macro and wide lens capability of the Edge 20 Pro digital camera. With the Edge 20 Pro, you can capture intricate details or expansive vistas with optimal clarity every time.

  • 65-watt sonic charging for a 5000mAh battery:

With the large 5000mAh battery of the Edge 20 Pro, you can stay charged all day. Furthermore, you can quickly recharge your device and resume your favourite activities using 65Watt Sonic Charging technology.

Bets 5000mah battery mobile in pakistan
  • Thickness 8.55 mm:

Even with all of its amazing features and capabilities, the Edge 20 Pro maintains a sleek and thin design at just 8.55mm in thickness. The Edge 20 Pro is the ideal travel companion because of its ergonomic design and comfortable grip. It is also easy to maintain.

best android mobile phone in pakistan
  • Dual SIM Nano Hybrid Slots

With its two SIM slots that fit perfectly with Nano-sized SIM cards, the device allows users to manage several networks or smartphone numbers at once. Additionally, the hybrid SIM slot supports expanded storage, enabling users to utilize both a microSD card and SIM cards at the same time.

  • Protection: CORNING® GORILLA® GLASS 5:

The display is strengthened with Corning Gorilla Glass 5, which provides great safety without sacrificing contact sensitivity or clarity of the image. This guards against scratches and moderate impacts.

Edge-20-Pro with gorilla 5 glass
  • One-year warranty - powered by Deploy:

Customers may rest easy knowing that their device is protected against manufacturing flaws and malfunctions thanks to a one-year guarantee backed by Deploy.

  • PTA Accepted The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA)

has approved the system, ensuring that it complies with legal criteria and is compatible with surrounding networks and services.


The Edge 20 Pro Sparx Smartphone is, in summary, a true marvel of mobile technology. With its curved facet screen, efficient performance, and elegant design, the Edge 20 Pro stands apart from the competition thanks to its unmatched user experience. Sparx Mobile, the best mobile phone company in Pakistan, is still setting the standard for innovation and quality, and the Edge 20 Pro is a brilliant example of its commitment to giving customers the best possible smartphone experience.